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Here Is The Dill

Here Is the Dill is a new site focused on digging deeper into the science and methodology of gardening. Helmed by an avid gardener and laboratory technician with backgrounds in biology and organic farming, the site seeks to draw casual gardeners, serious growers, and wanderlusting travelers with a mix of research, experimentation, reportage, and imagery from a garden plot at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

From Jayme at

“If you are as nerdy and passionate about gardening as I am, welcome! I’ve always worked in gardens and I’ve always been curious about the 'why' behind many processes in the garden. Plants and their interactions with the world fascinate me, and this website is an exploration of the nagging questions that we all come across while gardening. I really want to gain a deeper understanding of the biological, ecological, and chemical mechanisms at work in our gardens, as well as the agricultural and environmental topics surrounding food, in order to become a better gardener and a more conscious citizen of the world. Successes and failures will be shared along with any research behind them. Join me!

The website itself is built with Hugo, compiling static, semantic HTML locally before deploying the static pages to a simple, database-free server, in this case a Netlify CDN, greatly reducing resource load and cost. Special consideration was given to the balance of lush imagery and load time.

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