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Selected projects in detail


The Leisner Lab of Auburn University approached me at the end of 2020 to give the lab a new identity going into 2021.

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In August 2020 I was approached by the team putting together TEDxKonstanz, who were seeking an animated introduction to use in front of the talks (which were eventually held virtually).

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Comfort Inn

In 2018, Choice Hotels sought to update their Comfort Inn brand, and I worked with Narratively Creative to produce a graphic timeline for use in the press materials for the unveiling.

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Southpaw Creative

Over the years, I have worked frequently with Southpaw Creative in New Orleans, Louisiana, the branding agency helmed by long-time friend and collaborator Lee Domingue. This is a small selection of the work we’ve produced together. Read More…

Here Is The Dill

Here Is the Dill is a new site focused on digging deeper into the science and methodology of gardening. Helmed by an avid gardener and laboratory technician with backgrounds in biology and organic farming, the site seeks to draw casual gardeners, serious growers, and wanderlusting travelers with a mix of research, experimentation, reportage, and imagery from a garden plot at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

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Academic research projects benefit greatly from a unified visual identity. Their natural habitat is visual presentation, described and presented in figures, posters, and lecture slides. Materials are generated and shared by multiple team members from all over the academic hierarchy, so developing guidelines helps ensure consistency and cohesiveness in what can become a collected library of years of visual matter. A strong identity can help audiences recall and reengage after a talk or presentation, and compelling visual collateral can drive interest from academics outside the given field and in the general public.

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Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour

In 2018, Universität Konstanz had two academic groups named as Clusters of Excellence, setting up the University to be designated as one of 11 German Centers of Excellence in 2019. The clusters, as new collaborations across existing departments, needed to establish visual identities to help them present work, recruit new researchers, and foster new collaborations. Given the University’s existing strong black, white, and blue identity, we worked to maintain a high level of visual cohesiveness with the parent institution while also establishing some bold new hallmarks for the individual Clusters.

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Below are other recent web and identity projects from around the globe.

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